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Enabling schools to teach programming

Programming is a 21th century skill

But there's no one to teach it

Professional programmers want to give back, but not on a teachers salary along with all the stress and work it takes to create a decent course. Schools already have teachers however. So we've made a platform that enables these teachers to start their own programming class with least effort possible.

Built for schools

Any teacher can pick up

Our platform is specially designed so any teacher can teach programming to students. Coding skills are beneficial, but since we're teaching beginner level, we can train your teacher to aquire the skills needed.

Supporting professional

Our professional software developers are on standby so your teacher is never alone in the classroom. More complicated questions can be answered and student problems fixed by a remote programmer. Live during your lesson.

Build real world apps

Our goal is for the students to get a taste of how fun programming can be. So we've developed a curriculum from familiar apps like chat and multiplayer games. They will build these and learn a real programming language without having to sit through lectures!

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Live coding environment for schools

Ready curriculum

Real world projects

Overview of students

Supporting professional developer

"Best thing in school!"

- Anynomous high school student

How does it work?

1. Attend demo

Open to anyone interested. Just come to check out what the buzz is about. How does the platform work? How does the learning happen? Ask questions.

2. Teacher attends training

Unless you're choosing the "Platform Only" option, the teacher will need to learn the materials and then teach to the students. It's "no strings attached", attending doesn't imply buying.

3. Conduct trial lesson

What better way to figure out how this works and if the students are actualy interested, but to have a trial run. Some teachers do it during their normal class, sometimes they prefer to organize an after school class across multiple grades to find interested parties.

4. Payment

Up until now everything has been for free. To conduct an actual lesson however we'll need to cover the expenses.

5. Actual lessons

This is what everyone's been waiting for. Teaching programming in possibly the best way possible - through real projects. Regardless of the package you've chosen we'll always be available for problem solving and advice.

6. Rinse and repeat

If the course was successful, we'd love to talk about new courses to offer and the next pupils to teach. If it didn't go as planned we can discuss a refund. Either way we're awaiting your feedback and thoughts and aim to make the whole experience better every time.

"This is a wonderful format to teach
todays kids programming."

- Daily Tensing, Informatics teacher