Platform Only

School teacher uses our platform to teach the course independently. Includes platform training and setup help.

School provides programming teacher


per course

Professional Support

School teacher teaches the lessons with our professional developer supporting remotely during class. Includes all required training.

School provides
any teacher


per course

Course length

18 lessons, 90min each, 30 students max. We are also working on a full-year curriculum, you can ask about that.

Recommended lesson frequency

Programming is a difficult new language to learn. There is definitely a balance between too much and too little frequency.

One session should last either 90 minutes or 3 hours. Any less and students don't get to dive deep and learn, any more and their brains are already maxed out for the day.

Frequency should be at least twice a week, although 3 sessions a week is recommended. A lesson evey day is possible, but the students do need to rest and full days are strongly discouraged.

Computer requirements

School has to provide either a computer class or make sure students have computers otherwise. As long as the internet can play Youtube videos and the browser is made in recent years - everything is set.

Teacher requirements

Depending on the package chosen the school may have to provide a teacher who either is capable of programming ("Platform Only" option) or is there to support with more simple tasks like browser issues or reading instructions ("Professional Support" option).

Class size limitation

Our assisted formats support up to 30 students per class. We can arrange larger, but with a custom pricing scheme.

Invoice preferred

We do prefer to be paid by invoice, but if it's easier for your school to pay by salary we can figure it out.