Platform that gives superpowers

Designed to give the teacher proper tools for teaching programming.

Full curriculum

We design our own projects and iterate them based on student engagement, seeing where they get stuck and teacher feedback. You just take the project and let students participate. Creating your own project is also possible for teachers who can code.

Student hinting system

The student can progress in the projects by getting hints from the system. Most tasks can be done without needing the teachers help. Teacher help is needed rather to help understand the current task and check if the student has done the task properly.

Students move in their own pace

A classroom will be building the same app, but in their own pace. The teacher will review their work and give feedback individually. A great side-effect is that students can be creative and make the app their own.

Teacher dashboard

See the status of everyone and give personal feedback. Can be used either remote or in class.

Professional developer support

The teacher isn't alone in the classroom. There's a professional developer helping out with more complicated questions and programming problems. The whole idea is that any teacher can give these courses. No prior coding skills needed.

Exciting curriculum

Students get to build actual websites, chat applications and multiplayer games that they can share to friends and actually use. Beginner programming doesn't have to be boring academic excercises.

Learn real code

Drag and drop programming environments are great, but limiting. Our goal is for the student to get the student excited and keep building stuff after the course. For this there is no replacing an actual programming language. We use JavaScript, because that is the language of the web and we've all got browsers installed in our computers.

Pre-defined in-class process

The teacher doesn't have to invent how the class is conducted. We've got the process figured out and explained in simple instructions. On the other hand if the teacher wants to try different things, we're all for trying different approaches.

Remote ready

Our platform supports fully remote teaching. The class is connected by your favorite video call and the coding process is all synced across students and teachers. Checking students work and giving attention to the ones in need is all built in.

Not fully automated (on purpose)

This is a good thing. The whole point of programming is to make something you want to make. Automated tests limit what apps we can build and don't allow the student to try out their ideas in the middle of a lesson. We do however automate where it makes sense to save the teachers (and our own) time.

Create new projects

For maximum student engagement we want to have a crazy amount of interesting projects, all with high quality content. For this we've developed a system where a programmer can just build an app and the lessons are generated from it automatically (through git commits, if you know what that is). So whatever the culture or mood in the classroom, students can learn with topics that are familiar to them.