A lot of students have heard of programming but don't actually know what it is or what it's for. Our curriculum gives them an overview of what can be done from websites to games to apps. See the full list of projects.

Duration 18 * 90min
Max students 30
Ages 14-19
Remote ready Full remote supported, built during pandemic.
Price Multiple options. Check out the pricing page.
Programming languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Grading Students take a test
Available languages English, Estonian, Russian


Since each student learns in their own pace and classes differ between eachother, this schedule is an approximation. The projects can be mixed and matched as needed, check them out here.

Basic website 2 * 90min clone 2 * 90min
JavaScript basics 2 * 90min
Chat app or Multiplayer game 4 * 90min
Test (optional) 2 * 90min

Study outcomes

At the end of the course the student...

  • has built multiple websites and a web application.
  • can design websites using HTML and CSS
  • can write basic algorithms in JavaScript
  • is capable of reading simple programs in other languages
  • can grasp the main principles how everyday mobile apps work
  • can grasp the purpose of a server and how data moves


We have a test that determines how much the student learned. Here's what we measure.

  • Can write basic HTML and CSS
  • Can calculate in JavaScript and manipulate DOM
  • Can use JavaScript mouse events
  • Can manipulate an array with for loops
  • Can write functions and timer events
  • Can fetch data from server and put it into DOM