Tinkr is a set of tools and services that enables any school to teach programming and related Computer Science subjects. Not enough students have the opportunity to really try out coding. Tinkr has been around in one shape or form since 2014, teaching both grownups and students from schools. In 2021 it was decided to take it to the next level and actually build a business around it with the purpose of reaching the whole world. There are loads of resources to learn coding from, yet the tools are still rather basic.

Krister Viirsaar, Founder

I've been teaching tech subjects since my 3D animation career in 2010. Passing on complex subjects in a simple and entertaining way seems to be what really focuses and engages me. While learning to code myself and working in the business I've had a nagging feeling that this skill is not taught in an accessible way and it's given a bad rep for being super hard and only for geeks. It's actually simpler than high school math and way more practical. There are some amazing videos and interactive materials, but somehow they fall flat in terms of playfulness and getting learners to be creative in their own personal way. Programming is hard, but it's also addictive - so why don't we see more people getting lost in code?

After teaching code and experimenting for 7 years with 300+ students from all kinds of backgrounds, I've come to the point that I want to immerse myself in putting my vision to code and helping students of the world to get a chance at finding out just how cool programming and computer science can be. Not only is it fun, but it's a pretty solid career tool regardless of who the student will turn out to be.

Currently I'm a solo founder, but I get lots of help from people around me. Both from the education and startup world.

Partnering schools

Viimsi High School
Kallavere School
Põlva School
Saaremaa High School
Järveotsa School